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All teachers know that when parents are involved with their child's education, their child is more successful. It is to this end that the Character Education at Home (CEAH) program was designed. CEAH helps connect families to the learning that is taking place at school.

The program is designed using one Teacher Kit and nine Parent Kits, one for each month of the school year. The concept is to send the kit home to the parents, have the parents read a story, discuss the questions with their children and complete some activities that reference the character trait of the month.

After completing the activities, the child cuts out a Puzzle Piece that is printed on card stock from the Parent Kit, has his or her parent write a short message stating what the child learned about the character trait that month, and returns the Puzzle Piece to school to put on his or her Student Puzzle Sheet.

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Teacher Kit

This full kit contains an in-depth explanation of the program, including how to present the program to the students and parents. It includes:

  • Parent Introduction Letter for each family
  • Student Puzzle Sheet as a template for the puzzle pieces that the child brings from home
  • Teacher Puzzle Sheet showing the completed puzzle of Champ the Character Collie
  • Pre and Post Assessment for optional use


    Parent Kit

    Each character trait in the navigator bar above links to a Parent Kit with the following components:

  • Refrigerator Poster as a daily reminder
  • Parent Letter with instructions and motivational comments
  • Story involving the character trait
  • Questions involving the story
  • Additional Activities for reinforcement
  • Puzzle Piece to be cut out, written on and returned to school to put on the Student Puzzle Sheet