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Character Education: What is it, and who is using it?

“Teaching Kids to Care”

This University of Illinois site defines character education and explains its purpose in today’s schools, as well as provides many resources for teachers, students, and parents to help with teaching character traits.

Character Counts!

“Character Counts! is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian character education framework that teaches the ‘Six Pillars of Character:’ trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. The Character Counts! Coalition includes thousands of schools, communities and nonprofit organizations.”

“Families help kids learn quality character traits”

Read an article from The Coloradoan about how other families throughout our state are teaching character traits to their children.

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Character Education: How do I do it?

"Character Links: Stories and Activities for Teaching Children About Character"

Read about a program that uses masks, puppets, and CDs to help teach children character traits. From this website there is a link to purchase “Character Links” directly from

Character Education Through Children’s Literature

Read some research that supports teaching character education. This article discusses which traits to teach, and how to do so using stories.

“How to Teach Your Child Character”

This site provides many useful ways that parents can immediately and effectively teach their children character traits. Focus on the Family suggests activities that both parents and children can do, so that parents can demonstrate character traits in action to their children.

Character Education: What else can I do?

Evergreen Elementary School’s Character Corner

Check out what Evergreen Elementary is doing to teach its children character traits. Many of these ideas can be immediately adapted to work with parent and child in the home.

Recommended Books for Many Character Traits

Click on a character trait of interest and find many recommended children’s books for teaching that trait! Check some of these books out from your public library.